Enviromental issue on ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE and ZINC BORATE

ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE, according to global harmonized classification, has suspected to be cancerogenic. Moreover has been classified harmful for reproduction and dangerous for acquatic animals, with long lasting effect.

Testing on ZINC BORATE showed negative effects on development and reproduction in animals so it imust be classified as toxic for reproduction category 2 according to the global harmonized classification and labelling system for chemical products (CLP).

For above mentioned reasons it would be appropriate to consider the use of both products via masterbatches.
When a dangerous additive has incapsulated in a polymeric matrix, it’s becoming (most of the case) NOT DANGEROUS. All dangers coming from powders handling desappear, and less DPI and process checks are needed.


MB PE TRIX 80, 80% active antimony trioxide masterbatch in LDPE
MB EVA TRIX 80, 80% active antimony trioxide masterbatch in EVA

MB PE ZNBO 75, 75% zinc borate active masterbatch in LDPE
MB EVA ZNBO 75, 75% active zinc borate masterbatch in LDPE