Green and innovative solutions
for flame retardants and additives for plastic industry


Solutions for a greener tomorrow

Greenchemicals S.r.l. is an Italian company that provides innovative and efficient solutions and is highly specialized in formulations. Focused on European market, we are a global reliable partner for plastics additives.

We are experts in the formulation of flame retardant additives but beyond, with a focus on halogen free and low environmental impact formulations, ensuring specialized technical support supported by excellent customer service.


Your gateway to eco-friendly products

In support of its flame retardant packages, for which it has always stood out in both the national and international markets, Greenchemicals offers its customers all the additives necessary for the production process: antioxidants, UV absorbers, processing aids, nucleating agents, clarifiers, etc.

This ensures comprehensive support in availability and delivery, thanks to a customer service strongly focused on meeting the needs of clients.

GC Trading - Your gateway to eco
GC TRADING friendly products


Recycle for a sustainable future

The recycling is becaming more and more important and fundamental issue in every field and especially in that of plastics.

Greenchemicals for its identity strongly oriented towards the protection of the environment, developed different way to help the recycling process.



Green is more than just a color.

At Greenchemicals, we are committed to sustainability.

We believe it is important to protect the environment and use resources wisely. We start with research and development.

Finding formulations and additives with low environmental impact has always been Greenchemicals’ primary goal.

As evident from the company’s name itself, we believe that by paying attention to the “green” aspect, we can make a difference in the world.

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