Greenchemicals is specialized in the formulation of flame-retardant and antioxidant solutions, but it offers also an excellent range of UV absorber and light stabilizer additives.

With the emphasize on research and the environment, Greenchemicals can offer, in addition to traditional brominated flame retardants, also a large choice of not halogenated flame retardants.

For our large know-how of chemical additives in plastics applications, both from a chemical and a technical aspect, Greenchemicals can offer its customers solutions a broad range of products in different physical forms:

  • Powder: mono constituent high purity substances
  • Masterbatch: product with a high concentration of additives on a polymeric basis
  • Compacted: compacted powder at maximum process temperature of 70° C
  • Pad: product obtained from molten material at process temperature of 80°- 90°C for low melting substances

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