Who We Are

Greenchemicals S.r.l. is an Italian company highly specialized in flame retardant additives, with a particular focus on the development of halogen-free formulations and those with low environmental impact. Greenchemicals S.r.l. has always been considered a reliable global partner in the field of plastic additives.


The partner for your growth

Thanks to its strong customer orientation, commitment to research, and environmental awareness, Greenchemicals emerges as a reliable and attentive partner in the field of plastic additives.

It provides support both commercially and technically and, thanks to its extensive experience in the sector, is capable of assessing the best and most innovative solution for you.


A pink company that thinks green

Greenchemicals is a well-known entity in Italy and abroad for its formulations of self-extinguishing and stabilizing packages, for additive trading, and especially for its philosophy focused on seeking low environmental impact solutions for the plastics industry.

Greenchemicals is a company led by women, who not only care about the environment but also believe in the synergies that can arise through sharing, education, and research.


Research & development: Our added value

Greenchemicals’ research is strongly focused on finding solutions with low environmental impact and supporting recycling processes, which are prevalent in today’s plastics industry.

Additionally, Greenchemicals is always oriented and ready to support and partner with new development projects proposed by third parties.

Research & development

Our story is written with our experience

Greenchemicals was founded in 2010 thanks to the determination and expertise of Micaela Lorenzi.

After obtaining a degree in industrial chemistry and gaining significant experience in a multinational corporation, where she specialized in flame retardant additives, she decided to start her own business to study, formulate, and offer environmentally-friendly packages.

Right from the start, Greenchemicals’ philosophy has been to seek halogen-free self-extinguishing solutions that are beneficial for more sustainable recycling and that enable compliance with safety standards required by numerous regulations, while also preserving the environment.


Toward a common goal!

Greenchemicals strongly believes in partnerships between companies to achieve a common goal.

In fact, it has developed a lot of partnerships over the years:

  • Seta Polymers
  • Palmarole
  • Sap
  • Krauss Maffei
  • Gamma Meccanica¬†
  • Politecnico of Milan and Turin
  • Frx-Nofia
  • Polichem