Greenchemicals trading

Greenchemicals, thanks to its experience and direct presence in the Far East Asian region, along with the dense network of suppliers it has managed to build over the years, ensures its customers a constant, guaranteed, and cost-effective supply of all additives necessary for the production process of every plastic material: (UV absorbers, flame retardants, antioxidants, processing aids…).


Weathering of polymers is caused by absorption of UV lights, which results in radical initiated auto-oxidation by contact…



Greenchemicals is specialized in flame retardant solutions. We can offer halogenated flame retardants (containing bromine or chlorine molecules) that are very efficient for flame retardant action and maintain the mechanical and chemical properties of polymers.

Halogen free

Greenchemicals is specialized in halogen-free flame retardant solutions. We develop several solutions, particularly for polyolefin polyamide, XPS and EPS, and we hope that in the future these solutions will be the most demanded on the market.

UV Absorbers

UV absorbers act by absorbing the UV radiation and dissipating the resulting energy in a non- photosensitizing way, such as heat…


Light Stabilisers with Controlled Amines (HALS) can protect your paint resin. Thanks to their ability to neutralise free radicals produced…


Thanks to their properties, nucleants additives improve mechanical characteristics and optimise part cooling, reducing machine…
Processing Aids

Processing Aids

Processing aids reduce friction during the process by facilitating the flow of the melt on metal parts. However, it is important to…


Peroxides are chemical compounds that contain the characteristic group consisting of two oxygen atoms linked by a simple covalent bond.

Optical Brighteners

There are several optical brighteners that are processed for specific applications in polymers.