Corporate statement

Desio, 5th Augus 2020

Dear Customer,

as you may have learned, on the night between 31th July and 1st August a fire destroyed the shed and some trucks of the Pezzotta Saul transport Company in Costa di Mezzate (Bg), causing a significant environmental damage and obviously a significant economic damage for the subjects involved, but fortunately it didn’t cause any injuries.

Part of the Greenchemicals products were stored right in that warehouse, but our staff immediately organized to guarantee the operation and procurement of the goods, limiting the repercussions on immediate deliveries to a minimum.

Unfortunately, we have learned that some stakeholders are exploiting the incident, discrediting the parties involved incorrectly from an ethical and professional point of view.

Greenchemicals is continuing and will continue regularly in the supply of its products: the timely reorganization which has as its objective the maintenance of the commitments made towards our customers is already underway. The event will in no way affect Greenchemicals’ financial balance.

Certain of your understanding and solidarity, we remain at your disposal for any request or further information.

Best regards,

Greenchemicals Spa