Greenchemicals will participate in the SMART PLASTICS event organized by the magazines Plast Design and Plast.

The event is entirely dedicated to high-performance polymeric materials and will take place in the Alfa Romeo Museum (Arese) on 15th and 16th of May.

In the conference area, the presentations will focus on the state of the art of engineering polymers and composites, their applications and design and processing technologies.

Dr. Micaela Lorenzi’s abstract: “Flame retardancy is one of the most important caractheristic plastic must have, when it has to be thought for replacing metals. Most of flame retardants package, are base on bromide/antimony trioxide combination, which it is more and more under concern form aromatic bromine and antimony healthy and enviromental problems, they are suspected giving. We would like giving a small guide for offering halogen formulations for Engeneering thermoplastic polymers. We will divide phoshorous base fame retardant molecules in 4 groups: Red P (P0), Phosphinates (P1), Phosphonates (P3), Phosphonates (P5) and we will describe which flame retardant mechanism, they are actionating.
We will listen other halogen free flame retardants, not P base, and their fire mechanism: melamine cyanurate, melamine polyphosphate, pyrophosphate, zinc borate, metal hydroxide. We will then see how engeneering thermolastic polymers burn and we will offer several halogen free packages for PA, PET, PBT, PC, PC/ABS, ABS, with plus and minus comparing with halogenated solutions.”

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